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JODY MATHER * 503.805.9386

HIGHLIGHTS: As I look back through my calendar and spark my memory for days that stick out in my mind, Iím amazed at all of the fantastic trips 2016 provided. On April 6th, with the Cieslinskiís we had 17 takedowns, landed 10 and kept our 6 springers by 2 pm. On June 10th (having to make a wedding rehearsal) with Kevin and the Modern Machinery crew, we tagged 13 summer steelhead with time to spare! June 19th with Chuck and the Terex men, we had 23 takedowns and landed 13 ( we landed a hatchery double!!) and limited with 7 Summer Kings. July 17th I was fishing Jim Matlock and the Ocean Beauty crew, we limited on Ocean Salmon in an hour and a half. Then we shifted gears to Catch and Release Sturgeon and wore our arms out!!  Aug 27th Mike Barthels landed a personal best, a 30+ pound King helping finish out our limit. Sept 10th the Kuenziís had an amazing day, we didnít get done early but we tagged our 12 fish on a day when most didnít! 

SPRING SALMON: The forecast is for 167,000 Spring Chinook to enter the Columbia River this year. That is down from the last couple years but, with favorable water conditions that's plenty of fish to have a successful season.  I have March 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 27th and 29th April 7th, 8th and 9th open. 

STURGEON: This fishery is one I would love to participate in more. Every time I do a catch and release trip, itís amazing. Everyone on the boat has a blast, the action is nonstop and the fish are huge! This is a great experience for everyone especially kids and first time fisherman. I have some open dates in June and July. 

SUMMER STEELHEAD: When the fish are moving through this fishery is amazing! But just like any other fishery they arenít always where you are? Some days leave me scratching my head.  Overall itís been an amazing success with a few slow days mixed in. I have May 29th and 30th June 3rd 4th 11th 19th and 30th open. July has plenty of openings. 

SUMMER KINGS: I am learning more every year about this relatively new fishery. Last year we had some great days but the same problem usually arises. The mark rate is terrible! The same dates I have listed above for Summer Steelhead are available. 

FALL SALMON: This continues to be my most popular and successful fishery with limits being the norm. With low predictions for fall returns we will be putting in some long days but as you know Iíll get it done if itís possible! I have Aug 1st and 2nd Sept 3rd and 4th available. I have some openings in July for the ocean and if itís too rough we can go Summer Steelhead, Summer Chinook, or Sturgeon fishing as a back up so you donít have to cancel your day fishing. 

Important Changes: Itís hard to believe that when I started guiding Sturgeon fishing it was a 365 day a year catch and KEEP fishery. Spring Chinook fishing was a 45 day, 2 fish per person, per day fishery and fall Salmon was wide open, 2 fish per person SOMETIMES 3 OR 4 FISH A DAY WITH BARBED HOOKS!! Now were regulated to days per week, barbless hooks, super short split up seasons with more red tape than even I can keep up with. Through it all we have found a way to enjoy ourselves while somehow successfully catching fish! IíM AMAZED AND HUMBLED! I continue to love my job and growing up with your families and growing old with all of you. I hope I can continue fishing with you for another 20 years through the good and the not so good. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for allowing me to have this amazing rewarding job! I AM LUCKY


Jody Mather