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Jody Mather is Master Guides and will be your host for fishing guided trips in the Northwest. Jody will be posting upcoming trip offerings here, location maps and specials.

Please check back often as we will be posting new information on a regular basis.

Guide Jody Mather with a few
Tillamook Bay Fall Chinook Salmon

Jody is away from a place where he can check e-mail most of the time so please call 503-458-5450 with any questions, comments or to book a trip.

Spring Salmon Fishing
I try to conduct my Springer trips on the Lower Columbia, unless Mother Nature pushes me upriver. Of course the fishing can be great, but don't expect it, this is the most difficult fishery I participate in. The weather is the biggest factor, expect to be cold and wet. The reward is worth it for the hard core fisherman with the best table fare of the salmon family.
Sturgeon Fishing
Expect constant action on our Sturgeon Fishing Trips. Fishing on either the Willamette or the Lower Columbia.

The catching will be non- stop, with 40- 60 fish varying in size from 3-8 ft. It is a great family trip, fantastic for kids.

Summer Steelhead Fishing
I guide my Summer Steelhead trips on the Lower Columbia out of my sled. The weather is usually great with lots of action. Some days are better than others but limits of 2 fish per person are quite common.

Brothers got a double!

24 lb. Summer steelhead

Summer Salmon Fishing
This relatively new fishery peaked last year with amazing limit fishing in July above the bridge in Astoria. I'm praying for this fishery again in 2016. We also catch a good number while steelhead fishing upriver.

Fall Salmon Fishing- Buoy 10

This fishery opens August 1st and I fish thru Sept.

I like to fish the Buoy 10 area but with regulation changes we sometimes end up in Longview. or Portland chasing Kings.

This is our most consistent and popular fishery.

Fall Salmon Fishing- Ocean
Anytime the weather allows it from July thru September, there is fantastic fishing in the ocean. Typically we leave at daylight and are back before noon with limits of Crab and Salmon.

I choose these businesses for a few reasons, first is there quality of accommodations and food but they also support you and I as sport fisherman. There are some business owners in the area who do not??? If if you need this info please call me.
Here is a list of restaurants that I highly recommend while you visit Astoria.

Big Creek Lodge
Owner - Howard Kem - 503-318-4804
92878 Waterhouse Rd.
Astoria, OR 97103

Crest Motel
5366 Leif Erickson Dr.
Astoria, OR 97103

Pig N' Pancake
146 W. Bond St.
Astoria, OR 97103

Silver Salmon Grille
1105 Commercial St.
Astoria, Oregon 97103

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